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Super Bugs Bunny

Super-Rabbit is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny who is parodying the popular character Superman. It was released to theaters on April 3, 1943.



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The cartoon opens in a manner parodying that of the 1940s Superman cartoons. Super-Rabbit is described as "Faster than a speeding bullet" (a cork popped out of a gun), "More powerful than a locomotive" (a "choo-choo" train), "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" (but Bugs falls, screaming frantically, after he clears the building).

The story begins in the lab of scientist Professor Cannafraz, whose voice seems patterned after Richard Haydn's character Edwin Carp. The professor has just created a "super carrot." His test subject, Bugs (aka "rabbitus idioticus americanus") --, who variously addresses Cannafraz as "Boibank," "Edison," and "Pasture" -- immediately wolfs down the proffered carrot. Now he has all of Superman's super-abilities, but only temporarily; he must periodically eat another carrot to replenish his powers. Bugs declares this a "cozy" deal, then remembers a newspaper article about "Cottontail Smith", a hunter in Texas who wants to hunt down all rabbits. After declaring "This looks like a job for Super-Rabbit!", Bugs dons his costume, gathers up the super carrots, gives the professor a kiss, and departs. He flies past a horse who happens to be sauntering in the middle of the air, who then turns to the camera and shouts, "A rabbit? Up HERE!?"

Bugs flies to Deepinaharta, Texas (a recurring WB gag inspired by the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas"), and assumes the 'disguise' of a "mild-mannered forest creature," complete with oversized glasses and hat. He soon encounters Smith, who bears a striking resemblance to fellow Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson. Smith tries to shoot Bugs, but none of the bullets penetrate. Bugs hands him a cannon, eats another carrot ("Just a precaution"), then, upon being struck by the cannonball, plays basketball with it, quickly shoving Smith and his horse onto bleachers while he acts as his own cheerleader. After Bugs returns to the air to "think up some more deviltry," the bemused Smith and his horse fly into the sky with their own airplane. Bugs then snatches the shell of the plane away from them, causing them to fall to Earth.

Bugs runs out of power, but when he tries to "recharge" again his carrots fall to the ground. When Bugs lands, he opens his eyes to see a line of eaten carrots. Smith and his horse are now both superheroes. Bugs turns to the camera and says "This looks like a job for a REAL Superman!" He ducks into a phone booth, and both Smith and the horse are ready to attack - until the booth opens and they both snap to attention and salute. Bugs marches out in a Marine uniform, singing The Marines Hymn. He dismisses the two, claiming he has "important woik to do!" Still singing, he marches off past a sign pointing to 'Berlin, Tokyo and points East.'

Note: Throughout the cartoon, Bugs uses conveniently-placed phone booths to don new disguises. This is most likely a parody of Superman's consistent use of phone booths to change identity.

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