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Fox and the crow 1

Fox and the Crow 1


According to Aesop's Fables, foxes are suckers for grapes. So the Crow puts out some grapes, and tells the Fox that he'll throw down the grapes if he gives him his picnic. The Fox refuses and uses various methods to get up to the grapes.   This is the first cartoon featuring the Fox and Crow.   Chuck Jones said that this cartoon inspired his Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote series.  The fable was made into an animated short by Aesop's Film Fables in 1922 and there was a French version by Marius O'Galop in 1923. Frank Tashlin adapted the tale into a 1941 Color Rhapsodies short for Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures. The Fox and the Grapes marked the first appearance of Screen Gems' most popular characters, The Fox and the Crow. It also figured in the series of Coca Cola cartoon adverts based on fables in 1953.



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Columbia Screen Gems is the franchise built around the Screen Gems theatrical cartoons made by Columbia Pictures between 1939 and 1946 (because the animators were working ahead, new cartoons continued to be released until 1949). The most popular characters were The Fox and the Crow. Other characters include Flippity and Flop, Willoughby Wren, and Tito and His Burrito.

After Columbia shut down Screen Gems, Columbia contracted with UPA to make cartoons for them. Those UPA cartoons are a separate franchise and are not included here (except for three The Fox and the Crow cartoons UPA made when they first started).