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Monkeyman and O'Brien

 Monkeyman and O'Brien is an American comic book series created by artist Art Adams in 1993. The series was published from 1993 to 1999 by Dark Horse Comics in various types of installments including short features in anthologies, backup stories in other series, a three issue limited series, a two issue crossover series and a comic strip in the promotional newspaper, Dark Horse Extra.

What we know:[]


Art Adams confirmed discussions are taking place for a possible animated project featuring his Dark Horse creations, Monkeyman and O'Brien.  "We were talking about a live-action motion picture at one point, too, but it's just animation," he said.  Adams said if the project becomes a reality, he would be involved in script and charcter design development.

Comic Book Plot[]

The world knows them as the dimension hoping, monster battling team of Monkeyman and O'Brien! Always ready to defend the defenseless. Always ready to solve the unsolvable! MONKEYMAN, real name Axwell Tiberius, a 10 ft tall, super-genius gorilla from a world of huge civilized apes, was accidentally pulled into our universe when ANN O'BRIEN and her evil sister Akiko were fighting for control of the long-lost Professor O'Brian's Extra-Dimensional Access Device. There was an explosion! Ann and her sister were bathed in a cloud of weird otherworldly radiations! As a result, Ann grew to 7ft tall and gained incredible speed and strength! Now, Ann and her new friend Axwell must work together to rebuild the extra dimensional gateway, try to find Anne's missing father, and try to discover a way to return Monkeyman to his homeworld!