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Prometheus (/prəˈmθɪəs/ pro-MEE-thee-uhs) is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, and written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof. The film stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize Theron. The story is set in the late 21st century and centers on the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as they follow a star map discovered among the artifacts of several ancient Earth cultures. Seeking the origins of humanity, the crew arrive on a distant world and discover a threat that could cause the extinction of the human race.





As a hovering spacecraft departs an Earth-like world, a humanoid alien drinks a dark bubbling liquid, then starts to disintegrate. The alien's remains cascade into a waterfall. His DNA triggers a biogenetic reaction.

In 2089, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map in Scotland that matches others from several unconnected ancient cultures. They interpret this as an invitation from humanity's forerunners, the "Engineers". Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Corporation, funds an expedition to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223 aboard the scientific vessel Prometheus. The ship's crew travels in stasis while the android David monitors their voyage. Arriving in 2093, they are informed of their mission to find the Engineers. Mission director Meredith Vickers orders the crew not to make contact without her permission.

The Prometheus lands on the barren, mountainous surface near a large artificial structure, which a team explores. Inside they find numerous stone cylinders, a large, monolithic statue of a humanoid head, and the decapitated corpse of a large alien, thought to be an Engineer; Shaw recovers its head. Other bodies are found, leading the crew to surmise that the species is extinct. Crew members Millburn and Fifield grow uncomfortable with the true nature of the mission and attempt to return to Prometheus, but are left stranded in the structure when they get lost. The expedition is cut short when a rapidly-approaching storm forces the crew to return to the ship. David secretly takes a cylinder from the structure, while the remaining ones begin leaking a dark liquid. Back in the ship's lab, the Engineer's DNA is found to match that of humans. David investigates the cylinder and the dark liquid inside. He intentionally taints a drink with the liquid and gives it to an unsuspecting Holloway after he states that he would do anything for answers. Shortly after, Shaw and Holloway have sex.

Inside the structure, a snake-like creature kills Millburn, and sprays a corrosive fluid that melts Fifield's helmet. Fifield falls face-first into a puddle of dark liquid. When the crew return, they find Millburn's corpse. David separately discovers a control room containing a surviving Engineer in stasis, and a star map highlighting Earth. Meanwhile, Holloway sickens rapidly. He is rushed back to Prometheus, but Vickers refuses to let him aboard, and at his urging, burns him to death with a flamethrower. Later, a medical scan reveals that Shaw, despite being sterile, is pregnant. Fearing the worst, she uses an automated surgery table to extract a squid-like creature from her abdomen. Shaw then discovers that Weyland has been in stasis aboard Prometheus. He explains that he wants to ask the Engineers to prevent his death from old age. As Weyland prepares to leave for the structure, Vickers addresses him as "Father".

A monstrous, mutated Fifield attacks the Prometheus's hangar bay and kills several crew members before he is killed. The Prometheus's captain, Janek, speculates that the structure was an Engineer military installation that lost control of a virulent biological weapon, the dark liquid. He also determines that the structure houses a spacecraft. Weyland and a team return to the structure, accompanied by Shaw. David wakes the Engineer from stasis and speaks to him in an attempt to explain what Weyland wants. The Engineer responds by decapitating David and killing Weyland and his team, before reactivating the spacecraft. Shaw flees and warns Janek that the Engineer is planning to release the liquid on Earth, convincing him to stop the spacecraft. Janek ejects the lifeboat and rams Prometheus into the alien craft, sacrificing himself and two willing members of the crew. Vickers flees in an escape pod. The Engineer's disabled spacecraft crashes onto the ground; its wreckage crushes Vickers. Shaw goes to the lifeboat and finds her alien offspring is alive and has grown to gigantic size. David's still-active head warns Shaw that the Engineer has survived. The Engineer forces open the lifeboat's airlock and attacks Shaw, who releases her alien offspring onto the Engineer; it thrusts an ovipositor down the Engineer's throat, subduing him. Shaw recovers David's remains, and with his help, launches another Engineer spacecraft. She intends to reach the Engineers' homeworld in an attempt to understand why they wanted to destroy humanity.

In the lifeboat, an alien creature bursts out of the Engineer's chest.


Rapace described Shaw, an archaeologist, as a believer in God with a very strong faith, and said that, "In the middle of the movie, things happen and she changes into more of a warrior. And in the end, she’s such a survivor."[5] To aid her method acting, she developed a complete backstory for Shaw,[6] and worked with a dialect coach to achieve a British accent.[7] She also asked her make-up artist to apply extra blood and sweat during filming to more accurately portray her character.[8] Rapace said, "I was out there filming for about six months and it was super-intense, my body was in so much pain sometimes but it was absolutely amazing."[9] She dismissed comparisons to the Alien franchise's Ellen Ripley.[10] Rapace came to director Ridley Scott's attention for her performance as Lisbeth Salander in the 2009 drama film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She met Scott in August 2010,[11] and by January 2011 she had secured the role.[12] Actresses Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Gemma Arterton, Carey Mulligan, and Abbie Cornish, were all considered for the role during development.[13][14][15] Lucy Hutchinson, who was eight years old in 2012, portrays Shaw as a child.[16]
David is an android that acts as the ship's butler and maintenance man. It is designed to be indistinguishable from humans, and begins to develop "its own ego, insecurities, jealousy and envy".[17][18] Writer Damon Lindelof stated that the character provides a non-human perspective on the film's events, and said, "what does the movie look like from the robot's point of view? If you were to ask him, 'What do you think about all of this? What's going on? What do you think about these humans who are around you?' Wouldn't it be cool if we found a way for that robot to answer those questions?"[19] Fassbender said, "David's views on the human crew are somewhat childlike. He is jealous and arrogant because he realizes that his knowledge is all-encompassing, and therefore he is superior to the humans. David wants to be acknowledged and praised for his brilliance".[20] In developing his character, Fassbender avoided watching the android characters of Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986), and instead observed the replicants in Scott's 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner, with a focus on Sean Young's character Rachael, whose "vacancy" and longing for a soul interested him.[21] Fassbender drew further inspiration from the voice of the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey,[21] the "funny walk and economy of movement" of Olympic diver Greg Louganis,[22][23] and the performances of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, Dirk Bogarde in The Servant, and Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.[24] David's blond hair was modeled on that of T. E. Lawrence.[25] Scott favored Fassbender for the role; by January 2011 he was confirmed to have joined the cast,[26] despite earlier reports his agents had sought too high a fee.[17]
Vickers is a Weyland Corporation employee who is sent to monitor the expedition.[20][27] Theron described the character as "a suit who slowly sheds [her] skin through the film",[28] and also as "somewhat of a villain  ... [who] definitely has an agenda".[29] She stated "Vickers is pragmatic, and desperately wants to control the situation."[20] Scott wanted the character to lurk in the background of scenes watching other characters instead of being the focus. Theron said that this helped layer her character because "you're just so suspicious of her, instantly."[30] The similarities between the appearances and mannerisms of Vickers and David were intended to raise the possibility that David was based on Vickers's DNA, or that Vickers is an android herself.[31] After Theron was cast in the role, she developed three new scenes with Scott and Lindelof to expand her character.[32] Physical action scenes, some of which involved her running through sand in 30-pound (14 kg) boots were a problem for Theron.[30] It was intended that Theron would portray Shaw, but a prior commitment to Mad Max: Fury Road prevented her involvement. When that film was delayed, she was able to rejoin Prometheus.[33] Michelle Yeoh and Angelina Jolie[12] were considered for the role.[17]
Janek is the captain of the Prometheus.[34] Elba described the character as "a longshoreman and a sailor", with a military background.[20][35] He said, "[being the captain is] his life and the crew is his responsibility,"[20] and "he's a realistic, pragmatic character. He has to get involved ... in a film with huge ideas, you need a character like this, who can go 'Wait...why are we doing this?'".[35]
Weyland is the billionaire founder and CEO of Weyland Corp.[36][37] Lindelof described him as having a massive ego and suffering from a god complex.[36] Applying the necessary prosthetics and make-up to transform Pearce into the elderly Weyland took five hours, and an hour to remove it. Pearce observed old people to gain insight into the movement for his character, as he found replicating the impeded physical movement the most difficult part of the role.[38] Max von Sydow was Scott's original choice to play Weyland, but the casting of Pearce made it possible for him to portray Weyland as both an elderly character, and a younger man who appeared in an earlier script draft.[39]
Holloway is an archaeologist and Shaw's love interest.[40][41] Marshall-Green was cast after he was seen performing on stage "off-off-off Broadway".[41] He described Holloway as the "X Games type scientist", and said that he liked the character's "leap-before-looking" philosophy. He also said that Holloway "doesn't want to meet his maker. He wants to stand next to his maker. He's willing to go to the edge to get that."[41] Describing the character's motivation, he said: "he goes to the extreme in everything he does, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse of the [Prometheus crew]. I think what drives him is the thrill of the search."[20] Marshall-Green contrasted Holloway with Shaw, and said, "she’s the believer. I’m the scientist. I’m the skeptic. I’m the atheist".[42]

Sean Harris portrays Fifield, a geologist who has become mentally unstable after many missions.[43][44] Harris described the character as "someone who can sense when things are up. He's your audience guy, going, 'Don't go in that tunnel. We should not be doing this!'"[44] Fifield's bright red mohawk hairstyle was designed by Harris and Scott, based on Scott's sketch of a man with a "severe haircut".[44] Rafe Spall portrays Millburn, a biologist. Spall auditioned for another role, but Scott wanted him to play Millburn.[45][46] On his casting, Spall said "Alien is one of the best films ever made, and it’s a real buzz to be in a space suit on an Alien set with Ridley Scott coming and speaking to you. It’s incredible. That’s why I wanted to be an actor, to be in a space suit on an Alien set".[47] Other cast members include Kate Dickie as the ship's medic, Ford;[46] Emun Elliott and Benedict Wong as, respectively, ship pilots Chance and Ravel;[48][49] and Patrick Wilson as Shaw's father.[50] Ian Whyte and Daniel James portray Engineers.



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