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Diabolik Cartoon


On January 1, 2000, an animated series, produced by Saban International, premiered in Europe on Fox Kids, and lasted for 36 episodes, before ending on January 1, 2001. The series featured Diabolik and his companion Eva, as they fought and gradually exposed the Brotherhood and Dane, while evading detective Ginko. It was directed by Jean Luc Ayach with Paul Diamond and Larry Brody as head writers.


Track of the Panther
The Mole
Panther Uncaged
Honor Student
For Old Times Sake
A Sporting Change
Under the North Pole
Sea of Gold
Question of Survival
King's Legacy
Her Father's Daughter
Chinese Puzzle Box
Ultimate Security
Lost City
Lights! Camera! Diabolik!
Hide and Seek
Tokyo Conspiracy
Target: Diabolik
Rust in Peace
Hot Threads
Eye of Storm
Triple Play
Redline: Diabolik
Merchant of Menace
Master Plan
The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The Thief who stole Tomorrow
The Detective's Obsession
From the Depths
Kid's Stuff
Future Imperfect
Rainbow Warriors
Final Justice Part 1
Final Justice Part 2