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The Adventures of Sam & Max Freelance Police



The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, Sam & Max: Freelance Police!!! or just simply Sam & Max, is an American animated television series starring Sam & Max, a duo of private investigators composed of Sam, an anthropomorphic dog, and Max, a lagomorph or "hyperkinetic rabbity-thing." The show was created by Steve Purcell, also creator of the original comic book series. The series first aired in October 1997 on Fox Kids in the United States and YTV in Canada, producing 24 episodes and winning the 1998 Gemini Award for "Best Animated Series" before it was canceled in April 1998. With the exception of the first and last episodes, which each had a running time of about 20 minutes, each episode was approximately 10 minutes in length, and were usually aired in pairs.



Sam & Max animated series promo


The series revolves around the freelance police accepting missions from the mysterious Commissioner, whom they have never seen. The assignments usually lead them into far-off and exotic locales such as the MoonMount Olympus, the center of the Earth or the mutant inhabited waters of Bohunk Lagoon. In between these assignments, the pair also manage to squeeze in fridge-spelunkingtime-travellingBigfoot-hunting and numerous other escapades. There were also holiday themed episodes, such as visiting a prison on Christmas and delivering an artificial heart on Valentine's Day.

The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It
The Second Show Ever
Max's Big Day
Bad Day on the Moon
They Came from Down There
The Friend for Life
Dysfunction of the Gods
Big Trouble at the Earth's Core
A Glitch in Time
That Darn Gator
We Drop at Dawn
Christmas Bloody Christmas
It's Dangly Deever Time
Aaiiieee Robot
The Glazed McGuffin Affair
The Tell Tale Tail
The Trouble with Gary
Tonight We Love
The Invaders
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Little Bigfoot
Fools Die on Friday
Sam & Max vs. the Uglions
The Final Episode
Vice Squad
Our Bewildering Universe! 'Chock Full O Guts
Artsy Craftsy Bit Of Time-Wasting Nonsense