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Toyfinity is a new company that is using 1960's Ideal space characters:

  • Robo Force
  • S.T.A.R.S. Team
  • Mordles
  • Manglors

and reimaging them into a new universe.  To understand the new version you must study the past.


The toy line featured robot action figures with suction cup bases and "crusher arm" action. In addition each figure, which basically resembled a customized Dalek, also included another gimmick or two such as a hook or extendable guns.


Ideal Toys hobbled together these space toys and rushed them off to market. Lucas in turn, sued Ideal but lost because everything including the S.T.A.R (which stands for Space Travel And Reconnaissance Team) Team name had been recycled from earlier ventures. In the laws eyes, the S.T.A.R team was merely Ideal rehashing an old concept and well, they were but with a 70's twist.


Enter the world of Rocks Bugs and Things, a place of unspeakable horror in which viscious rocks and evil bugs lurk around every corner. These fierce creatures of the night no longer let dawn stop their bloodthirst. Now they hunt their pray at all hours, devouring everything in their path. The poor little mordles don't stand a chance.


Manglors was a line of action figures released by the Ideal Toy Company in 1984 and 1985. The first wave consisted of Manglord (which was initially released with a playset Manglor Mountain), Manglosaurus and Manglodactyl. A second wave, packaged with plastic eggs, appeared in 1985, which included Manglodemon, Manglizard, and Manglodragon. The line consisted of flexible, unjointed (one piece), sticky, and mostly unpainted (some versions of Manglord had purple highlights) Sorbothane figures that were not able to stand on their own.