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Agents of SHIELD Debbie

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Not much is known about Debbie's past, except that she joined the mysterious organization that invented the Centipede and tested the process on their behalf.

BIO: Pilot[]

When one of her test subjects exploded due to the unstable nature of Centipede's use of the Extremis serum, she was saved from the burning building by another of her patients, Michael Peterson, who had developed super powers from the procedure.

When Peterson also showed signs of de-stabilization and threatened the secrecy of the Centipede program, She sent an assassin to kill Peterson to ensure his silence. The assassin was unsuccessful and taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D.

BIO: Girl in the Flower Dress[]

Debbie later turned up in Hong Kong attempting to stabilize the explosive element of the Centipede process. When her test-subject, a pyrokinetic named Chan Ho Yin, escaped from Debbie's lab, he confronted her and incinerated her, reducing her to ashes in seconds.