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Agents of SHIELD Edison Po

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Edison Po is a former Marine tactics and command specialist working for the Centipede Group. He was incarcerated after going underground for stabbing a friend in the eyes with a steak knife, after which he proceeded to finish his meal. He's first seen in prison, being visited by Raina in "Girl in the Flower Dress", and is broken out by Centipede-using operatives at the start of "The Bridge". Throughout that episode, Po flaunts his personal relationship with The Clairvoyant to Raina, and explains the lengths he goes to protecting the Clairvoyant's identity and privacy.  In "The Magical Place", Po is responsible for the interrogation of Agent Coulson. He tries a variety of approaches, but is constantly stymied in his search for the key to Stage Three of the Extremis/'supersoldier' project. During a phone call to the Clairvoyant, in which Raina also participates, Po is killed by some kind of deliberate discharge from the cellphone he's holding to his ear.