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Agents of SHIELD Justin




While out on a camping trip one night with a group of scouts, Justin begins to tell a story about the "Crying Man." After telling this story, the scout leader, Adam Cross, begins to complain of a humming sound. Justin assures the other scout that Cross is just trying to scare them.

After Cross leaves, a pot begins to float next to Justin before a spark shoots out and the pot drops. Justin and the rest of the scouts begin to hear Cross scream, and Justin instructs the scouts to get in the truck. The truck begins to shake and the battery is ripped out of the hood of the truck.

After the shaking stops, Justin leads the scouts to go look for Cross. They are terrified when they discover the body of Cross floating in mid-air.2Later, Justin is brought on board the Bus and interrogated by Melinda May. May tries to coerce Justin into talking by offering him a cookie.