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Icon Comics Superior

Superior is a creator-owned comic book series written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. It is published by Marvel Comics under the company's Icon imprint.

It is the story of Simon Pooni, a 12-year-old-boy who had it all going for him - plenty of friends at school, good looks and a promising basketball career. But that was when he could still move his legs. Now, he's living with multiple sclerosis, missing all the little things he used to take for granted, and escaping into the world of movies and comics with his best friend.


Director Matthew Vaughn, who adapted Millar's other property, Kick-Ass, into the 2010 feature of the same name, holds the film rights to both Superior and Millar's other property, The Secret Service, having acquired them in October 2011.

In Kick-Ass 2 we can see a poster of Superior in a flashback of Dave's childhood.


Simon Pooni, an angry, bitter 12-year-old boy suffering from multiple sclerosis, idolizes superheroes, particularly Superior, a Superman analogue. An alien monkey named Ormon appears at Simon's bedside, informing the boy that of all the people on Earth, he has been granted the honor of being bestowed a single magic wish. Simon is then transformed into Superior.

After playing the role of Superior for a week, he learns that Ormon is actually a demon incarnate, and he must sell his soul to the devil in order to remain as Superior. He is given 24 hours to decide, and is returned to his old body. The demon approaches an old bully of Simon, and offers him a similar wish, to become Superior's fictional nemesis, Abraxas; the only caveat is that he must pledge himself to Satan. Simon must then choose whether to become Superior again and save the planet from imminent destruction at the cost of his own soul.

To force Simon to choose, Abraxas begins destroying the city. Simon transforms into Superior and fights both Abraxas and Ormon. Although Superior defeats them in battle, Ormon gloats that he still has Simon's soul, until he realizes that Simon (as Superior) is immortal, and that his soul can never be collected. Ormon is dragged back to Hell as punishment for his failure, and Simon reverts to his mortal form. The world honors Superior as a fallen hero, thinking him killed in battle, and Simon returns to his former life, but now at peace with himself.