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AOS Blackout

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marcus Daniels is a man with the ability to suck the energy out of anything around him.

AOS: Providence []

HYDRA Agents John Garrett and Grant Ward infiltrated the Fridge to get the hidden technology that was stored there.  To cause a distraction for Coulsons team Garrett freed the prisoners.

One of the prisoners was Marcus Daniels who Garrett told him to "follow his dreams". 

AOS: The Only Light In The Darkness[]


Agents of SHIELD Sneak Peek 1x19


MONITOR'S NOTES: Comic Vine Bio[]

Blackout comic

Blackout Comic Book

A petty criminal with a good education, Marcus Daniels managed to evade any serious punishment from the law when a generous scientist employed him as his lab assistant. Marcus helped build a machine to tap into other-dimensional energies but didn't much care for his new job. Marcus was caught in an explosion when the equipment failed and was granted the ability to access and control energy from the Darkforce Dimension. Deciding to use his new found powers to continue his life of crime, Marcus had a special suit designed to help him control the Darkforce and became the super-villain Blackout.