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The AIM agent who attacks Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 is actually a familiar character to some fans. Ellen Brandt is actually Man Thing’s wife, and in the movie she has the scars on her face that she got when Man Thing attacked her in the lab. 

Ellen Brandt was a female soldier that lost her left arm, but she was part of the EXTREMIS regaining her arm. Brandt was an henchwoman fo the main villan of this movie.


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Comic Ellen Brandt

Ellen Brandt-Sallis was the wife of Theodore "Ted" Sallis, whom would later become the Man-Thing. They are also the parents of Job Burke, a child which was given away for adoption. According to the origin given for her in "Man-Thing" vol. 3 #2 (January, 1998), Ellen grew up with an emotionally cold father and was always frustrated at not being able to reach him. While in college, Ellen fell in love with another emotionally cold man, her Professor Theodore Sallis. Unsurplisingly, her love interest reminded Ellen of her father. They at first took to making love in his office during the afternoons. They then married each other and went on a honeymoon. 

By the time of "Savage Tales" #1 the couple had moved in a small laboratory within the Everglades, Florida. Ted was employed by Project Gladiator, attempting to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum. He devoted all his time to his work. Consequently, their marriage grew cold and loveless. Felt cheated out of affection for the second time in her life, Ellen wanted to find a way of achieving revenge of her husband. She got it when A.I.M approached her on a recruitment mission. They wanted someone to keep an eye on Sallis and acquire whatever serum resulted from his research. Ellen agreed, striving for her revenge and at the same time gaining a new source of income. 

When Sallis completed his research, Ellen led him right into an A.I.M trap. He escaped and consumed his own serum. The combined effects of the serum and the magical energies of the nearby Nexus of All Realities transformed him into the Man-Thing. In his new form, Sallis managed to slay the pursuing agents. Ellen was horrified and her face burned at his touch. According to a later retconn, Ellen was pregnant at the time of her scarring. She was located by Barbara Morse (later Mockingbird), the SHIELD agent attached to the program and transferred to the office of a local doctor.