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IM Armor Mark XXXVIII (38) IGOR

Iron Legion Mark XXXVIII

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Mark XXXVIII armor (also known as the Igor Armor) is one of the new Iron Man armors created by Tony Stark and is one of the Iron Legion.


The Igor Armor was made by Tony Stark long after the battle of New York. As part of the Iron Legion, the Igor armor was used by Iron Man and War Machine during their fight against Aldrich Killian and his Extremis soldiers. When the destruction of Red Snapper caused structural instability Tony summoned Igor to stabilize and support the platform. It was destroyed when Tony activated the "Clean Slate" protocol (though it is unknown why the tower didn't collapse at that point).


The Igor Armor is much more powerful in terms of brute strength than any of the other Iron Man armors, as well as being extremely durable, making it a formidable opponent in battle. However, it was designed specifically for heavy lifting, not combat. The Igor armor contains a variety of mechanisms in its legs and back that can lock into place, allowing it to support large, heavy structures on its back for an extended period of time without failing.