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Marvel Cinematic Universe Korath

MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: Guardians of the Galaxy

Korath the Pursuer is a member of the alien race the Kree.

MOVIE BIO: Guardians of the Galaxy prelude[]

Korath is a skilled soldier and member of the Kree race who worked alongside fellow warrior Ronan in hunting for the Orb. Korath led a platoon of Sakaarans ordered by Thanos to take Nebula and Gamora to Praxius IX when a lead for the Orb appeared there. The lead turned out to be false, and the party left empty handed.

MOVIE BIO: Guardians of the Galaxy[]

While hunting for the object on the planet Morag, Korath found that Peter Quill had already located it. He and his squad of Sakaaran soldiers attempted to take Quill and the Orb to Ronan, but Quill managed to escape to Xandar.

Later, Ronan decided to betray Thanos and keep the Orb to himself. Korath was disturbed by this due to how extremely powerful Thanos is, and questioned his master's decision. However, Ronan reassured him that with the power of the Orb, Thanos would not pose a threat.

During the attack on Xandar by Ronan's forces, Korath lead Sakaaran soldiers in defending the Dark Aster. A battle ensued between his forces and the Guardians of the Galaxy, in which Korath fought Drax the Destroyer hand to hand. Korath briefly gained the upper hand, but the tables turned and Korath was killed by Drax.


Korath the Pursuer comic

Korath the Pursuer COMIC

Korath-Thak was an amazing cybergenetics and one of the architects behind the Kree's Pursuer project. The project created an energy template that would use whatever matter it touched to transform into an entity capable of pursuing and capturing its targets. After a few years of work, the ruling administration shut the Pursuer project down after judging that funds could be better spent elsewhere. A bitter Korath chose to turn a Pursuer energy template onto himself and transformed himself into a stronger version of himself, Korath the Pursuer. He would prove the worth of his research to those he judged as being too shortsighted to understand.