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Thor 2 Muspelheim


Muspelheim is one of the Nine Worlds in Asgardian cosmology. It is a realm of eternal fire , and the home of the Fire Demons and their ruler Surtur. It was home to the Wizard's Eye , a device of such awesome power that Odin dispatched Thor, Volstagg, Hogun & Fandral to retrieve it in an attempt to ward off the coming of Ragnarok.


Surtur (asgard demon)

Surtur comic

Surtur was native to the extra-dimensional plane of Muspelheim and was the mortal enemy of the Asgardian ruler Odin and his son Thor. Surtur and the ice demon Ymir were older, and therefore more powerful immortals than Odin and Thor, who were always hard pressed to defeat them. Surtur was imprisoned for a long time within the depths of the Earth, but was once freed by Loki and set aganst the Earth when Odin visited there to break the romance between Thor and Jane Foster. Thor used Odin's magic sword to send Srtur to outer space, where he was bound against a magnetic asteroid. He was next summoned to Earth together with Ymir when the Spell of Fire and Ice was cast by the Sons of Satannish.

Surtur's role in the Ragnarok Cycle began by forging/reforging Twilight — a huge magical blade — and then sending his legions of fire demons to Earth, to draw Asgard's armies away from their capital city. Surtur then crossed Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, and attempted to destroy the city once and for all. Odin, Thor and his adopted brother Loki, however, made a last stand and eventually defeated Surtur - at the cost of Odin, who fell with his foe into a dimensional rift. After the final Ragnarok, Beta Ray Bill briefly visited the ruins of Asgard, and saw Surtur's massive form falling from the sky. Surtur was still clutching Twilight, although the sword was broken during Bill's battle with the demon Asteroth.