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Marvel Cinematic Universe Yondu

MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: Guardians of the Galaxy

Yondu is a game hunter of a primitive alien tribe native to Centauri IV. He is also a associate of Star-Lord. 

MOVIE BIO: Guardians of the Galaxy[]

Yondu was hired to abduct Peter Quill when he was still a child, but instead raised the boy as part of his band of space pirates. Yondu's main weapon is an arrow, which he can control just by whistling.



Yondu comic

Yondu Udonta was a game hunter of the primitive Zatoan tribe of humanoid beings who were native to Centauri IV, the first planet system to be colonized outside of the Sun's solar system; the colonization took place some time during the 29th century. Intimidated by Earth's superior technology, most Alpha Centaurian tribes established peaceful relationships with the settlers. Yondu's tribe, however, migrated from their ancestral forests to the less accessible plains in order to avoid contact with the outworlders. 200 years after the Alpha Centaurians first contact with Earth, a ship bearing Vance Astro (later Major Victory) arrived on Centauri IV, using an antiquated mode of star travel.

Finding that Earth had beat him to his destination centuries before, using advanced star-drive engines, Astro set about to perform his reconnaissance mission of the planet, despite the fact that it was now obsolete. While performing his geophysical survey, Astro came across Yondu, who was in the midst of his ritual of manhood ordeal. Although Yondu tried to avoid contact with the outworlder, the planet-wide attack by the extraterrestrial Badoon brought the two men together. The Badoon massacred the entire settlement and began circling the planet, trying to eradicate the scattered tribes of native Alpha Centaurians.

With the first evidence of hostilities, Astro took Yondu aboard his survey ship and set out for the nearest known planet in the Centauri trinary star system. Due to the antiquated nature of Astro's ship, however, the two were swiftly overtaken by the Badoon. Intrigued by the ancient vessel, the Badoon did not annihilate it upon sight, but instead captured it and took its passengers captive. The two were taken prisoner under Badoon escort to the Badoon's base of operation on Earth (the Earth having been recently conquered). On Earth, the two were taken before Drang, head of the Badoon militia, but managed to escape.

They soon encountered two other fugitives of the Badoon invasion: Charlie-27 of the Jupiter colony, and Martinex of the Pluto colony. Banding together to battle Badoon oppression, the four of them founded the Guardians of the Galaxy.