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Daniel Whitehall was a high ranking officer of the Nazi Schutzataffel who went by the codename of Reinhardt.  Daniel was also a member of Red Skull secret organization HYDRA.  Captured by the Strategic Scientific Reserve in 1945.

General Reinhardt during WWII[]


During WWII, Reingardt became a highly decorated officer in the Nazi army.  Red Skull saw the potiential and had Reinhardt moved to HYDRA  who was in charge of searching for mysterious artifacts.  Upon discovering and alien (Kree) corps and the Obelisk that turned the living beings into stone.  Reinhardt was put in charge of the HYDRA Storage Faclitiy in Austria was the storage house for mysterious artifacts.  Upon discovering that the Red Skull had died during the final battle with Captain America he told his soldiers to evacuate the building.

During there evacuation Agent Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandoes found them and confiscated there relics.  

Daniel Whitehall[]


Reinhardt (going by Daniel Whiehall) escaped the Military and rejoined HYDRA.  Still alive and youthful in 2014 and is in charge of HYDRA.  His second-in-command Sunil Bakshi contacted the Absorbing Man to collect the Obelisk.

MONITOR'S NOTES: Infinity Formula[]

The Infinity Formula could be the reason behind Whitehall youthful appearance.