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Harold "Happy" Hogan is Tony Stark's bodyguard, chauffeur, and friend.


Early Life

Harold "Happy" Hogan is a long-time friend of entrepreneur Tony Stark. Stark employed him as his personal bodyguard and chauffeur. Hogan attended Stark and his date, Elsa Bloodstone, at the grand opening of the Golden Dragon casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Happy also came with Tony to Bern Switzerland on his first and only date with Maya Hansen. 

Tony becomes Iron Man

He accompanied Stark to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for an awards ceremony and drove him and Christine Everhart back to his mansion. The next morning, he followed Stark to the airport but had trouble keeping up with him.


During the Circuit de Monaco, he risked his life in trying to get the Mark V suitcase armor to Tony Stark as Stark was being attacked by Ivan Vanko. 

After Pepper Potts was named CEO of Stark Industries, he became her bodyguard and accompanied her to the Stark Expo. During the Battle at Stark Expo, he later accompanied Natasha Romanoff to Hammer Industries Headquarters to stop Vanko from his attack on the Expo.


Hogan eventually became uncomfortable with his role as the "bodyguard of Tony Stark, the Iron Man," and was granted a new position as the head of security in the Corporate Headquarters of Stark Industries. It was in this capacity that he encountered Eric Savin, and Savin's boss Aldrich Killian when they visited Stark Industries. Immediately suspicious, he investigated them and later followed Savin to an exchange with another man. He tried to interfere and gather evidence when he noticed some of the man's flesh glowing in an amber hue, but Savin blocked him. Their altercation was interrupted when the other man exploded, killing several people and severely injuring Hogan. Hogan was able to point to a vital piece of evidence before he lapsed into unconsciousness; an act that gave Tony Stark a valuable clue into the cause of the explosion. Happy was put in a coma for some days, which prompted Stark to publicly threaten the Mandarin, responsible for the attack. Happy ultimately woke up, days after the explosion.