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Marvel Cinematic Universe Meredith Quill

MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: Guardians of the Universe

Meredith Quill was the mother of Peter Quill.

MOVIE BIO: Guardians of the Galaxy[]

Meredith lived in Missouri and died when Peter Quill was eight years old.


Meredith Quill COMIC

Meredith Quill

Meredith Quill is a woman from Colorado. One day she saw a spaceship crash to Earth. Instead of turn in the alien man, she nursed him to health and fell in love with him. This man was the Prince of the Spartoi Empire, Jason of Spartax.xxxWhen Jason was called away by his father to fight in a war with the Ariguans, Jason locked her memories so that she would not have to bear the pain of his departure. He left her, pregnant with his son.xxxMeredith would reunite with an old high school flame named Jake, who was extremely suspicious that her son, which she named Peter Jason, did not look like him, even planning to kill him. Luckily, he died before this could happen.xxxWhen Peter was eleven years old, aliens came to Earth and killed Meredith, but Peter survived the attack.