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Marvel Cinematic Universe Raza

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man

Raza was a member of the Ten Rings, a terrorist organization, stationed somewhere in Afghanistan.

MOVIE BIO: Iron Man I[]

Raza was a member of the terrorist group, the Ten Rings. Raza was initially contracted to kill Tony Stark during a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan by Obadiah Stane, a rival in Stark Industries who wanted control over the company. Raza's branch of the Ten Rings attacked and destroyed a U.S. Military convoy transporting Stark through the desert, but did not kill Stark immediately. Upon discovering the importance of their target, Raza decided to detain Stark in an effort to make him construct a Jericho missile from stolen Stark Industries weapons that had been sold to the Middle East. Instead of constructing the missile, Stark built a suit of weaponized armor and fought his way out of the cave. In Stark's ensuing escape, he blew up the terrorists' camp and destroyed the amassed piles of Stark Industries weapons. Raza's face was badly burnt when Tony Stark laid waste to the Ten Rings' encampment.

Raza and his men continued to ravage the region and expand their power using weapons purchased from Stark Industries through Stane. When fighting in Gulmira, the small Afghan region that was home to Ho Yinsen, Iron Man arrived in his newly constructed Mark III Suit and began to systematically hunt down Ten Rings members and destroy the Stark Industries' weapons.xxxxRaza also began to gather the pieces of the Mark I suit Stark had used to escape the cave and abandoned in the desert. He slowly began to reconstruct what was left of the armor and contacted Stane hoping to strike some sort of deal.

When Raza met with Stane to negotiate over Stark's abandoned armor in exchange for an army of armored soldiers, Stane had no intention of striking a deal, and paralyzed him with a Sonic Taser before having the militants killed and taking the armor back to his labs at Stark Industries Headquarters in Los Angeles.

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