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Iron Man - Extremis




Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic Trailer


The Invincible Iron Man May Have Met His Match In The New Serum Known As EXTREMIS!

An ill-fated attempt to re-create the legendary Super-Soldier Serum responsible for making classic heroes such as Captain America leads to the development of Extremis, a military nanotechnology serum that directly taps into the repair center of the body, giving an injured soldier the ability to heal himself at an alarmingly accelerated rate. Conflict erupts when the Extremis serum is injected into members of the local domestic militia, including Mallen, a soldier hell-bent on avenging the deaths of his family. When a brief battle between Iron Man and Mallen leaves billionaire Tony Stark in critical condition, it becomes clear that the only way for Stark to defeat the Extremis virus is to use it himself.

Boasting a fresh take on the Iron Man origin, highly acclaimed writing by master storyteller Warren Ellis and the magnificent artistry of Adi Granov, Iron Man: Extremis comes to life with the stellar blend of 2D- and 3D-motion comic animation that only Marvel Knights can deliver!