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Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers 1

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Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers




Hikaru accepts Hawkeye's offer and parachutes down to a building near the scuffle with Diamondback against direct orders from Robert and Hill. With a little help from Akira, Hawkeye manages to leave Diamondback distracted long enough for Hikaru to stop the disguised Riley from stealing more DISKs from within a bank. Unfortunately, Riley sends out King Cobra to send Hikaru flying. After being caught by Spider-Man and handed Thor's DISK, Hikaru releases Thor, who interrupts King Cobra's offer to finish the kids off in exchange for permanent freedom with a hammer toss. Diamondback throws a fragment bomb diamond to ensnare everyone, but Thor uses a whirlwind/lightning combination to destroy the bomb and force Diamondback to surrender. Riley is forced to withdraw King Cobra and escape with Tim and M.O.D.O.K., as Hikaru and Thor introduce each other formally. Later, Pepper and Iron Man give Akira and Hikaru a place to stay in New York while the crisis continues. Robert mulls over S.H.I.E.L.D.'s failure with his reflection, and in said reflection is the face of Loki.



Tony Stark - Iron Man

Hikaru Akatsuki
Chris Taylor 

Bruce Banner - Hulk

Captain America
Jessica Shannon
Akira Akatsuki
Edward Grant