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Robotix is a 1985 animated series based on the Milton Bradley toy of the same name. The original toy was of the construction type, similar to the Erector Set and K’Nex, that included motors, wheels, and pincers.The series follows the conflict between the peaceful Protectons and the warmongering Terrakors on the alien world of Skalorr, and a group of humans who get caught up in the conflict.

It was produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions, and was animated in Japan by Toei Animation, which also animated other cartoons featured on Super Sunday.Unlike most animated shows, Robotix was not a 22-minute cartoon, but was rather a series of fifteen six-minute shorts that aired as part of the Super Sunday half-hour with other animated shows, including Jem and the Holograms, Inhumanoids and Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines.

While Jem and Inhumanoids had enough success to be turned into full-fledged series, Robotix was cancelled after its debut season.Marvel Comics also produced a single-issue comic book in February 1986, which roughly followed the storyline of the first three episodes of the series.



Robotix The Series (1985)


Robotix the movie


A human scout ship is shot down over the planet Skalorr, a barren rock supporting only two warring life forms, the Terrokors and the Protectons. Both of these races are ancient and have been fighting for hundreds of years. The humans were lucky and encounter the “good guys,” the Protectons. After regrouping in the Protectons’ base, the humans discovered that the two races used to be humanoid before their essences were transformed into the large robotic machines they are now. Tired of staying on the planet, half of the humans rebelled to join the Terrokors. The result is an all-out battle pitting humans and robots against one another with the fate of the planet at stake.

Robotix was a one-shot, toy-inspired title that Marvel released at the height of the Transformers craze.