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It wasn’t that long ago that we heard Sony had plans for a female-led ‘Spider-Man‘ spinoff film, which was good news considering that — at the time — neither Marvel nor Warner Bros. had made an official announcement for a female superhero film. With the world of ‘Amazing Spider-Man‘ in a bit of disarray over at Sony for the time being, things are, well, still up in the air, but a new rumor has it that the studio has plans for another female-driven Spider-Man project — one that would feature multiple leading ladies.

It’s not entirely clear what’s going to happen with Sony’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise, which was set to launch ‘Sinister Six,’ ‘Venom,’ and two more Spidey films, but word has it that those plans are crumbling with only ‘Sinister Six’ still at least firmly in place — and that film, according to recent reports, may or may not feature Spider-Man working with the baddies, and may or may not be a reboot of sorts.

But now, according to Badass Digest, there’s a new rumored team-up film possibly in the works at Sony. And while it seems kind of nuts for the studio to be throwing another project into the potential mix when they were so eager to get ahead of themselves in the first place, at least this one seems more interesting than, say, a Venom movie or two more ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ films.The project is currently called ‘Glass Ceiling’ and it’s not based on any existing comic book story, which makes it that much more interesting. It would feature the female Spider-Man characters, of which there are not that many, as BAD notes, so the options would be something like Black Cat, Spider-Girl, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, Silk, and possibly Firestar.

Female-driven films are becoming of more interest to studios right now as they have begun to realize that yes, there is a huge audience and demand for these films. And not only do women make up half of the ticket sales for films, but they represent a large chunk of the audience for geek properties: 44% of tickets sold for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ this May were to women, making it the highest number of women to turn out for a superhero film yet.

Hopefully Sony isn’t just rushing to capitalize on what they see as a trend because this concept actually sounds pretty cool. But given their recent history with the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ films, we reserve the right to remain a teeny bit skeptical.