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Puppet Master

Bruce Banner Unmasked PUPPET MASTER

General Ross makes the capture of the Hulk Gamma Base's primary objective. Meanwhile, the villainous Puppet Master sets up operation in Mesa City, and begins controlling everyone in the town, with the Hulk also in his sights. Major Talbot is granted control over the new Hulkbuster armed forces, and Betty uses the Garth 7 multi-processor to find out further info about the Hulk. Banner alters the computer's programming, protecting his identity, while the Puppet Master attempts to take control over the Hulk's mind using one of his atomic puppets. At the same time, Rick, Rita and Rio are visiting Alicia Masters, the Puppet Master's daughter in Mesa City who has created a sculpture of Betty. Rio falls under her father's control, and Alicia, realizing what has happened, gets Rick and Rita to safety. Betty finds out that Bruce altered the computer's programming and goes to tell her father. Soon however, the Puppet Master's new Hulk puppet is activated and forces Banner to change into the Hulk. The Hulk fights the Hulkbusters, but they get the better of him, and he falls, turning back into Bruce Banner in front of everyone. Banner is held in custody by General Ross, but Gamma Base soon comes under Puppet Master's control. Banner escapes from his cell and heads towards Mesa City, chased by the villain's army. Banner creates a jamming device to protect himself, and then Rick from the Puppet Master's control. Banner is attacked and becomes the Hulk again, and the Puppet Master takes full control over him. Alicia takes Rick to her father's hideout, but the Hulk is ordered to stop them. He breaks free of the Puppet Master's control and heads towards the super-villain's base. The Hulk must stop the Puppet Master's plans and Rick has to figure out a way of protecting Banner's secret identity.

Featured Characters: 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Dr. Betty Ross

Rick Jones

Puppet Master


US Army

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Major Glenn Talbot

Alicia Masters



Scott Grant