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09 The Incredible Shrinking Hulk




Incredible Hulk The Incredible Shrinking Hulk 1982 Kids Cartoon Show)


Bruce is experimenting with a gamma ray emitter on a lab rabbit, when it suddenly short circuits and after being bombarded with the ray, reduces the rabbit and then Banner in size to only one inch tall. Unable to attract Betty's attention, Banner has to figure out a way of getting back to normal size himself. As Banner attempts to climb up the lab table, he is attacked by both a rat and a tarantula, and soon becomes a pint-sized Hulk. The Hulk fights off the household menaces and ventures out into the desert to find Rick. After overcoming a ferocious desert lizard as the Hulk, Banner makes it to Rio's diner to alert Rick as to his condition. After spooking Rick, Banner accidentally ends up in Major Talbot's coat and ends up back at the base. General Ross meets with Talbot to discuss the testing of the new T-70 tank, and tells him that the Pentagon has alerted him that there are saboteurs on the base who are after the tank. Rick heads to Banner's lab and discovers the Gamma ray machine still on, figuring out what happened to Bruce. The one inch tall Banner himself overhears the two saboteurs talking to each other and stows away in the T-70 to try and stop them from stealing it. As the saboteurs use the T-70 to destroy Gamma Base, Banner becomes the Hulk in side the tank. The Hulk must stop the saboteurs from accomplishing their objectives and find a way of being restored to normal size. Featured Characters: 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Dr. Betty Ross

Rick JonesT-70 Tank Saboteurs




US Army

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Major Glenn