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Incredible Hulk The Origin Of The Hulk 1982 Cartoon Show)


A new weapon known as the Gamma Bomb is due to be tested at Gamma Base. The inventor of the bomb is Dr. Bruce Banner, assisted by the edgy Dr. Carlson, who is very eager to get a hold of Banner's Gamma formula. Meanwhile, a mysterious UFO is shot down by fighter jets, but not before an escape pod is secretly jettisoned. Teenager Rick Jones' jeep accidentally breaks down in the test area. Banner asks Carlson to halt the countdown while he rescues the kid, but Carlson lets it continue. As Banner gets to Rick, the Gamma Bomb explodes. Banner gets Rick to safety in a ditch, but he is bombarded with the full force of the Gamma Rays. Later, as Banner gets worked up about being kept in a hospital, he changes into a seven-foot tall green creature in front of Rick. The creature that was once Banner breaks out of the hospital, and heads towards Banner's house. There, he and Rick find Dr. Carlson stealing Banner's notes, and the Hulk attacks him. Carlson however turns out to be an android, and is trashed by the green goliath. The Hulk then collapses and turns back into Banner, whereby he is soon arrested by Major Talbot, seeking answers about what happened to the hospital. Betty and the Gamma formula are then captured by Carlson's true superior, the UFO commander, and Rick attempts to alert Talbot. Upon finding out about Betty's kidnapping, Banner once more changes into the Hulk, who proceeds to battle the alien android.

Featured Characters: Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Dr. Betty Ross

Rick Jones

Alien Android

Dr. Carlston

US Army

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Major Glenn Talbot