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Incredible Hulk 1982 - Punks On Wheels


Bruce finds himself in a windswept landscape, running away from none other than the Incredible Hulk! As the Hulk prepares to smash him once and for all, Banner wakes up from his terrible nightmare. He and Betty then accompany Rick and Rita to a nearby stunt-bike show. The show is gatecrashed by bionic punks on futuristic motorcycles calling themselves the Screaming Vultures. They kidnap Rita and Bruce and Betty follow them in a jeep. The jeep crashes, and after Betty has been thrown to safety, Bruce becomes the Hulk, who fights the Vultures. The punks get away however, entering a base inside one of the mesas. There, they take Rita to meet with their commander a green-skinned, large- brained individual known as The Leader. The Hulk calms down into Banner, who then ends up in the Leader's base. The Leader tells Banner of how he was once a worker in a chemical plant who was exposed to experimental Gamma rays that gave him his new found intellect. Betty and Rick are also taken to the Leader's headquarters, where he tells them that he is after a shipment of Vibranium, a powerful explosive. Rick tricks his way into becoming part of the Screaming Vultures, while the Leader uses his Psychic Nullifier to sap the wills of Betty and Bruce. Instead, the device causes Bruce to change into the Hulk, who rescues Betty and heads out into the desert to find the Leader. After the Leader uses a gas, the Hulk becomes Banner again, who has to stop the Leader and his punks from stealing the Vibranium, and rescue Betty from his clutches once and for all. Featured Characters: Bruce Banner (The Hulk)Dr. Betty RossRick JonesThe LeaderGeneral Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" RossMajor Glenn Talbot==MONITOR'S NOTES:==

The Leader 1982


This is the only episode in which there is an actual Hulk villain in this series.