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13 The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner

the hulk destroys bruce banner



Incredible Hulk 1982 - The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner


At Gamma Base, Bruce and Betty are testing the new Transmat, a device that can transport an object from one place to another. Bruce volunteers himself as a human test subject, but during the process, the Transmat beam changes him into the Hulk, who is transported to Betty's end of the beam. The Transmat is destroyed by the Hulk, who then escapes from the base. Betty theorizes that Banner's pattern might still be in the machine, and that the only way of getting him back will be to duplicate the original experiment's conditions by putting the Hulk back into the Transmat beam. Meanwhile, Bruce thinks Betty was the one disintegrated. As Betty feverishly works to repair the Transmat before it is shut down and shipped back to the Pentagon, Major Talbot and his Hulkbusters are sent to search for the Hulk using Banner's Gammatron. Banner finds out that everyone thinks that he has been disintegrated, and meets up with Rick to evade the Hulkbusters and protect his secret identity. As Talbot's forces catch up with Banner, he leads them to an amusement park and uses the fun house to fool Talbot into believing that he really is chasing the Hulk. Rick manages to destroy the Gammatron, and he and Banner escape from Talbot. In order to guarantee the Hulk's capture and restore her fiance, Betty steals an experimental Jetmarine fighter plane from the base and heads off after the Hulk (in reality Banner). Banner has to avoid being destroyed by Betty in the Jetmarine, and stop himself from being atomised for real in the reconfigured Transmat beam. Featured Characters: Bruce Banner (The Hulk)Dr. Betty RossRick JonesHulkbustersGeneral Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" RossMajor Glenn Talbot