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X4 Arclight

X-MEN bio: Morlocks


Arclight joined the Brotherhood when Callisto and the other Omegas joined. She was present at Jean's house and was knocked out with Quill by Storm. Later on, she and the others were sent to kill Warren Worthington II, but failed to do so because of Angel's intervention.

During Phoenix's destruction, Arclight was among the humans and mutants killed.


Shockwave Generation - Arclight could direct a wave of seismic energy by striking a victim with her hands or feet. This typically created a massive shockwave, damaging and/or disorientating all within her line-of-fire, shattering objects, and causing earth tremors. Her hands give off a bright light upon impact.


Real Name: Philippa Sontag

Species: Mutant

Gender: Female

Date of Death: 2006 (Original Timeline)

Team: Omegas, Brotherhood of Mutants

Status: Deceased (Original Timeline)

Unknown: (Revised Timeline)

Portrayed: by Omahyra Mota