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X-Men: First Class

Emma Frost got Colonel Hendry to meet Sebastian Shaw as they planned. Shaw wanted the missiles to be in Cuba and wanted Hendry to put them in Cuba. When he refused, Riptide showed off his powers as did Emma. Azazel then came to teleport Hendry back which is 10 miles away. Not knowing that a CIA agent named Moira MacTaggert was watching, she warned the captain and that Hendry was there. He did not believe her because he was in the office with him.2Shaw asked Hendry to join him once again asking if he told anyone. He said he didn't and Emma had to make sure to tell Shaw. Shaw said that everything was okay then and walked over to him. Hendry pulled out a grenade that he threatened to pull if not let out free. Shaw then took the grenade and pulled it and absorbed the energy and explaining his mutation. He killed him with it.

Shaw, Emma and Riptide were sitting on the boat still after Hendry's death. Magneto came and threw a knife at Shaw. Emma caught it and got him off the boat. CIA agents then came and Riptide took them out with his powers. Professor X, Moira MacTaggert and The Man in Black went inside until Charles felt that another mutant was out there. Erik got the anker and destroyed the boat hoping to kill Shaw. Emma and Shaw ran down to Shaw's Submarine. Erik tried to get it but couldn't.2Emma and Shaw were watching The President on T.V. and Emma said to Shaw, "If that telepath gets in your head, he won't be as much fun as me." Shaw got a helmet out built by the Russians. Emma couldn't read his mind and ended up getting him ice.

Emma was sent to Russia to replace Shaw to meet the Soviet Ambassador. She took her clothes of leaving underwear on and made him believe that they were acctually 'playing'. Emma was caught by Charles and Erik and were taken to CIA headquaters.

Azazel, Riptide and Black King went to gather the X-Men to join them but got only Angel Salvadore. Darwin said he will but lost his life after Shaw got the power from Havok. Shaw went to meet one of Russia's commanders. He went on the phone and Azazel, Riptide and Tempest teleported in front of him and he made the agreement.

The four of them faced the X-Men and all joined the Brotherhood of Mutants when Shaw died.