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Microman the small giant tas

Microman the small giant tas





Chiisana Kyojin Microman opening 1 English subbed


The 1999 anime adaption by Studio Pierrot is based on the toys and the manga created by Hisashi Matsumoto and serialized in Comic BomBom. The series ran from January 4, 1999 to December 17, 1999 on TV Tokyo and was subsequently released on VHS and DVD by Pioneer LDC. A companion theatrical movie based on the Studio Pierrot TV anime series was released in 1999 as well.

3 kids meet 5 micro-sized superheroes from another world who enlist in their aid in fighting off alien invaders.


The Micro-soldiers Who Arrived From Space
Spider's Web, The Targeted School
Watch Out! Change Troupers!!
The Terrifying Electric Eel, Electric Blackout in Tokyo
The Day The Children Disappeared
Earthquake?! Terror Of The Falling Rocks!!
Comrade! The Friendship That Will Never Be Frozen!
Revenge Of The Claws, The Reckless Cats
Appearance Of The Ape! Genes Of The Reverse Evolution!
The Scorching Earth! Advent Of The Shocking Acromonster!!
Passionate prayer! Robot man of legendary Oh! !
Dolls of the moonlit night of phantom-hatred
Cargo ship runaway !! Tokyo Bay of battle !!
Battle of the deep sea !! large earthquake of fear !!
Classroom fly cropped town-sky
Horror! Ignite resurrection !!
Courage power! Summoned, Baron & Cross !!
Beautiful glass Warrior fiber emissions of
The mystery of spacecraft !! Magne Titans attack !!
Fierce fight !! proud pirates of anger !!
The secret of the hero-submarine factory of legend
Three-body coalescence of ultimate accession robot Man threat
Showdown !! Demon three executives last fight !!
Phantasmagoric-hell of liquid biological
Awake Arthur !! new protector attached !!
Full moon of fear! Evil minions Robot Man A !!
Crust blast plan of overture! Horror of annihilation!
Wonders of the plasma merging! Strongest of tricks!
Destination is hell?! Death of car chase !!
Emergency mobilization! Fully equipped robot Man A !!
Anger of Odin! A New tricks!
Stolen ultra-magnetic force Sword two people Izamu
Heated Edison! Anger of shock Whip!
Fastest Warrior Akuromahha !! robot Man maximum of mortal combat!
Micro base in flames! Targeted Hisashi
Robot Man Dean start !!
Sortie !! robot man Endeavour !!
Appearance !! threat of acro-based !!
Invincible fighting fortress !! Giant acro Year !!
Strongest shield Hell propionic shield
Miracle of the unknown force Magne Animals
Arthur Desperate counterattack! Dean desperate situation
Burning pirate soul! Of magnetic Titans combined!
Resurrection from Demon three executives hell Strikes Back
Journey into space! Magic to Death planet!
Mind you captive memory of destruction
Earth destruction?! Ruin of dark planet !!
Threat of enemy again !! fight elementary school !!
Giant Acro Year emergency destruction directive !!
Darkness that leads to darkness of the earth death
Clash Arthur lonely ordeal of warriors
Life there as long !! super magnetic power fully open !!