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Mr. T cartoon series


EP 23 Mystery of the Stranger[]


Mr T Cartoon Episode 23

Since WB released the first season on DVD they forced the site that hosted this cartoon down.


"Never ever go with strangers!" That's the lesson Spike had to learn the hard way. While the team was in Hollywood performing as stunt doubles, Spike was offered a hamburger by a married couple, only to be trapped in the back of their van where two other children were also kidnapped, the objective being for the couple to make money through ransom. When Mr. T and the team's first attempt to rescue Spike fails, they are discouraged. However, Mr. T rallies the team to try once more for Spike and the kids' sake, and that whomever endangers a member of the team messes with Mr. T! While the girls manage to capture the wife, the husband proves too strong for the guys, but Mr. T foils his escape by literally ripping the steering wheel from the van! After Spike and the children are rescued and reunited with their parents, the district attorney says that the man and woman who did that to them are going to prison, but it is first and foremost your responsibility to always be wary of strangers.