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ISSUE #139[]

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen -139

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #139

The Newsboy Legion is on quarantine in Cadmus labs, because they may have a flu. But they want action. Then they meet a Scrapper Trooper, who might just be able to help them out.

In Metropolis, Morgan Edge gets irritated at one of his employees (a Don Rickles-lookalike) , and decides to have him killed (!?). Well, that`s just one of the reasons. The other is, that he can`t meet Don Rickles (famous comedian at the time), because the consequences would be disastrous.

He also decides to get rid of Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent, who have proved to be pests to his criminal businesses. He sends both of them to cover a UFO-story. Guardian goes with them.

Rickles is transported out of town, to the UFO. Our heroes arrive to the scene, and are attacked by brutish thugs. Rickles accidentally traps Kent inside the ship, and also manages to make it go all the way up to space! Oy!

Meanwhile, the Newsboys and Scrapper trooper get out of the labs.

The thugs batter and capture our heroes and take them away.

They are poisoned with Pyro granulate grains, that will make our heroes self combust in 24 hours! Oh boy, how will they get out of this pickle!?

ISSUE #141[]

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen -141

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #141

"Will the Real Don Rickles Panic?!?"

Clark Kent is in space, and is floating to his doom! Towards a malicious looking planet... Okay, he could`ve made it, probably. Anyway, he`s saved by a peculiar figure going trough space (Lightray), who has Clark enter a strange tube...

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Golden Guardian, Jimmy Olsen and Goody Rickles are in danger of dying due to self combustion! They try to find a way to prevent it.

Olsen decides to go ask Morgan Edge (who is responsible for their peril, without Jimmy knowing it) if he can help them. He takes Goody with him.

On another part of town, Guardian tries to make the one who poisoned them, Ugly Mannheim, undo the damage.

In the Daily Bugle, Don Rickles is meant to talk about things, with Morgan Edge. Suddenly, they`re interrupted by our endangered adventurers.

The two Rickles meet face to face, and weirdness ensues, as Don Rickles starts to lose his mind. After all, he`s seeing his own doppelganger face to face! It is...logical...right...?

Then Rickles and Olsen start to burn!

Suddenly, Guardian rams in to the room! He has gotten the antidote to Pyro Granulates effects, and saves Jimmy's and Dons lives! What a relief!

Then there`s a BOOM! Suddenly there`s a tube in the air, and Clark hops out of it! Tube disappears.

Then...the famous, beloved comedian, Don Rickles, suffers a nervous breakdown, and the story, thus...ends.